Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare

Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare

The emphasis of the story is on a dark/historical/political fantasy where humans, wolves, cats and other animals are being ruled by two very crafty feline tyrants. Due to various oppressions the cat twins faced in their childhood including assassination attempts, they learned how to survive and gain power- but they were also driven towards insanity. There is nothing they won’t do to get what they want.

Title: Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Otomate & Rejet
Publisher: Idea Factory Co., Ltd. & Otomate & Rejet
Release Date: 26 Apr, 2012


Operating system: Windows
CPU: Intel Core 2 processor 2.66 GHz
Memory: 512 MB Ram
Hard drive: 10 GB Free HDD
Graphics hardware: 1 GB Graphic Card



Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare
(Filesize: 4.02 GB)

Visual Novel Reader (Patch)
(Filesize: 495.18 MB)

NOTES: The game is fully translated by the fans from bakemeats they translate the vast majority of the game, along with blackicejester they translated part of Arles’s route, his good end, and a few other lines.

How to Patch BWS:

  1. Download Visual Novel Reader (“VNR”) and Extract it anywhere on the disc “Make sure VNR is updated to the latest version before running. Use the update.exe that is included in the VNR folder. Run this as an admin”.
  2. Run VNR by right-clicking and select “Run as administrator”
  3. Run Black Wolves Saga (Region locale needs to be set in Japan)
  4. Then on the springboard, click Launch (rocketship icon) to sync VNR with the game.
  5. Wait for the program to sync the executable BWS
  6. Go to BWS’s options and set text speed to “ALL”. This is so VNR can recognize and hook the game text easier/faster.
  7. For the subs to show up, you must make the heroine’s name “Fiona”. Not ”Fiona” or “フィオナ”. Minus the quotations of course.

Troubleshooting Info:

  1. If the program does not sync bws, click Game Wizard (magnifying glass icon)
  2. Click (While the game is playing) “Select the window of the running game” and hit next
  3. Press the start button and click on the BWS game window. It should say that it found the game and hit next until everything is done.

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